Bimal Kunwor


I am Bimal Kunwor, currently teaching at River Parishes Community College. I have Masters in Mathematics degree from Lousiana State Univeristy. My research interests include Machine Learning, Number Theory and Matrix Analysis.

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College Algebra (MATH-1100)

Welcome to Math 1100

College Algebra Online

Fall 2022

Instructor: Bimal Kunwor

Formula sheet
Algebra Formula Sheet
2.1 Rectangular Co-ordinate System
2.2 Linear Equations in one varibale
2.5 Quadratics Equations
2.6 Other Types of Equations
2.7 Solving Linear Inequalities in One variable
3.1-3.2 Function and its Notations
3.3 Rates of Chanage
4.1 Introduction to Linear Functions
4.2 Building Linear Models
5.1 Quadratic function
5.2-5.3 Polynomial Functions, Power Functions and their Graphs
5.6 Rational Functions